What Is 5 Star AF

We are a fashion brand having fun and enjoying the finer things in life through humor.  Laughing all the way through our bottles of champagne whilst waiting on our valet all day, we never take ourselves too seriously.

5 Star AF

The unabashed authority on celebrating the good life and all the upgrades.

From Our Founder

“My affinity for nice things and good service got me the nickname “5 star Amy”.  I mean, who doesn’t love a little bit of luxury in everything they do, and everywhere they go??   No fame required. This inspired me to create this luxury lifestyle brand featuring handbags, apparel, accessories, and so much more.  All to help you have a little fun with your 5 star attitude. I unapologetically own my 5 star-ness. You should too, because everyone has a little 5 star in them.”